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“If You Want a Friend in Washington” by Erin McGill:


A clever, funny, and informative look at the pets–from Calvin Coolidge’s wallaby to Teddy Roosevelt’s flying squirrels–that have passed through the White House gates. Perfect for fans of I Am George Washington and So You Want to Be President?

President Truman famously said, If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. And a dog is what many presidents got. From James Garfield to Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon, presidents often found a friend in Fido (in fact, Abe Lincoln’s pup was actually named Fido). Others preferred cats, horses, small critters, or even big, ferocious animals like bears and alligators. With a catchy refrain (If you want a friend in Washington . . ., ), this is a funny, educational book about the animals that have passed through the White House. Whether it’s favorite dogs like Barbara Bush’s Millie or the Obamas’ Bo; Abraham Lincoln’s cat, Dixie; Calvin Coolidge’s hippo, Billy; or Andrew Jackson’s foul-mouthed parrot, Poll, Erin McGill brings to life a menagerie of presidential pets in this entertaining, whimsical, and carefully researched picture book that’s perfect for animal lovers and history buffs alike.