Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Cover by Shannon MessengerThe Keeper of Lost Cities Book Summary

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Author: Shannon Messenger


Summary for Keeper of the Lost Cities

Twelve-year-old Sophie Foster is an outcast in her community. Being extremely smart and clever, her peers often label her as a know-it-all and exclude her from finding her place. Sophie also has a secret, she can read minds and she doesn’t know why. One day, a mysterious boy named Fitz reveals himself to her, and he, too, can read minds. Fitz brings Sophie to the Elvish world, and she realizes that she actually does have a place where she belongs. However, secrets about why she was hidden in the human world are buried deep inside her memory; secrets that some people would kill for.


Introduction to Characters: 

Sophie Foster: Sophie is a 12 year old girl who is intensely clever and intelligent. She is seen as an outcast due to her smarts, and many people look down on her. She does not like attention and strives to stay out of the spotlight. Sophie always wants to protect her friends and family, even if it means putting herself in danger.


Fitz: Fitz is a mysterious boy, who eventually reveals himself as an elf with multiple magical powers. He brings Sophie into the world of the elves, and sticks by her in times of trouble. He was one of the main people to help her with her transition to her new life.


Questions to Consider: 

    1. Why do you think Sophie was so willing to use a tracking device when she came to the elvish world? Is it right for the elves to trade privacy for safety?

    2. How does the way the elves choose their social classes, (ranked by powers and magical ability) interfere with their “perfect” society?

    3. Does the elves refusal to help other species add to the conflicts in the story? Is it right of the elves to withhold help to others just because they aren’t elves?


Online Reviews of Keeper of the Lost Cities:

    • “A delightful and dangerous adventure with complex characters and relationships you’ll root for to the end of time.” —Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author of THE UNWANTEDS


    • “Keeper of the Lost Cities is a little bit Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a little bit Lord of the Rings, and a little bit Harry Potter. And it’s all fun!” —New York Times bestselling author Michael Buckley


    • “A large and varied cast of supporting characters and an intriguing premise contribute to make this an exciting start to a promising series.” —Booklist


    • “A slew of interesting and well-drawn characters, careful plotting, and just plain good storytelling will have readers racing through the pages.” —School Library Journal


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