Strange The Dreamer Summary and Review

Strange The Dreamer BookStrange the Dreamer  by Laini Taylor:

Book Summary


Since Lazlo Strange was a little boy he has always been enamored with the Lost City known as Weep. Growing up he dedicated himself to knowing everything about it: the culture, the language, the mythology, and the people. Everyone labeled him as a dreamer, but he knew one day that his time would come. When the men of Weep march into Lazlo’s city. begging volunteers to come help them on a secret mission, Lazlo doesn’t hesitate to jump on board.

Sarai is trapped on the citadel with the other Godspawn, each with just enough power to enable them to survive alone and isolated. Each night she travels into the land of Weep through dreams, and haunts those that wish to forget her. What happens when Lazlo’s and Sarai’s worlds collide?


Introduction to characters:

Lazlo Strange: Since he was a boy, Lazlo has dreamed of the mythical city Weep. Many told him he was crazy, but he dedicated his life to studying its legends, language, and culture. When the men eventually come from Weep in need of help, Lazlo volunteers himself, eager to pursue his dream.


Sarai: Sarai is one of the five Godspawn children that live in the citadel above Weep. Despite being raised to hate humans, she only wants to live among them, and she has the power to walk among them, but they cannot see her.


Thyon Nero: Godson to the Queen, Nero is expected to discover alchemy’s secrets. Getting nowhere, he seizes the opportunity to travel to Weep when the men come to their land.


Questions to consider:


  1. How did Lazlo’s love for books and the city of Weep prepare him for his future?
  2. Do you think that Minya is evil or doing what she thinks is right? Can she be doing both?
  3. What do the different perspectives of Sarai and Lazlo contribution to the story? How are these perspectives altered when they eventually interact?
  4. Was Eril-Fane right to do what he did? Even though the Gods were ruining the lives of the citizens in Weep, should Eril-Fane have killed all of the Godspawn babies, knowing what we know about how the god spawn actually are?
  5. Out of all the powers the Godspawn have, which do you think is the most crucial for their survival?


Awards and recognition for Strange the Dreamer:

A NPR Best Book
A Goodreads Best YA Fantasy and Science Fiction Nominee
A Boston Globe Best YA BookA Popcrush Best Young Adult Book
A Popsugar Best Book for Women
A Booklist Editors’ Choice
An A.V. Club Favorite Book
A Tor Top Young Adult SFF Book
A Christian Science Monitor Best Book
A B&N Teen Blog Best Young Adult Book
A Forever Young Adult Best Book


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