Parties at Scattered Books!


We host electric fun birthday parties for kids of all ages. Everything is tailored and thematic for a wonderfully creative experience that includes fun activities, all materials, instruction, set-up and clean-up by the scattered staff. We host parties at your home/yard or at the store. Home parties can be any size, outdoors and indoors.  Store parties are capped at 12 attendees and only cupcakes can be served (no meals). Check out some popular activities:

  • Custom collages Cut-outs, stickers, stencils for all themes! Put in a frame to take home. Try our “crazy collage” option with bottle caps, fabric and more.
  • Create comic stripselfie autobiography, fairy tale or action story.
  • Exclusive bunny party with our real bookstore bunnies for all crafts bunny! Bunny yoga too.
  • Doll tea party with all the table trimmings, including a separate table just for dolls.
  • Delicious fun with cupcake decorating. Icing and colorful toppings!
  • Decorate a journal or jumbo sketch pad with gems & embellishments.
  • Canvas painting with step-by-step instructions. Birthday child picks the image.
  • Mini-cake decorating using icing, fondant and toppings. Perfect for older kids.
  • Cars/trucks/trains. Zoom tires to paint a canvas, create a collage and enjoy story time.
  • Superhero parties! Cape & mask decorating, superhero names and our obstacle course.
  • Slime Parties! Kids make fluffy or glitter slime with every add-in imaginable, plus our wheel of slime! Decorating containers too.
  • Pirates! Create an authentic treasure map with stencils & stickers. Plus gem-covered treasure boxes & treasure pieces.
  • Dinosaurs! Excavate mini dinosaurs, go on a scavenger hunt plus dinosaur facts.
  • Clay and pottery. Create, mold & paint.
  • Candy party! Candy collages and a thematic scavenger hunt using our jumbo dice.
  • Harry Potter! Wizard canvas painting, creating spell books & Harry Potter trivia.
  • Any other theme you’d like!


  • $30/child for a 60-minute party, which includes all materials, instruction, set-up and clean-up
  • $40/child for a 90-minute party, which includes an additional activity or help with cake
  • $50 fee for an optional “Party PLUS” where we do it all, including coordinated tablecloths, decorations and balloons for a full set up.
  • $50 tables/chair rental. Regular or toddler-sized. If you need them longer, just return to the store later in the day or we offer a $25 pick up.
  • $25-$100 travel fee for parties outside a 15 minute drive time
  • A bookstore bunny can attend your child’s party at no additional cost!

Bring your own favors, kids can simply take home their creations or let us create custom party favors  in any price range. We can also bring $3 bags – colorful with ribbons and labelled with the name of each participant. A great way for guests to take home their crafts!

Get in touch with us to help plan your party! / 1-914-529-8013

Looking for a party to go? Let us package a full set of party activities, along with instructions in a thematic bag, for each participant. $20/child. Shipping available.


See our full Parties Info Sheet


If you’re interested in a Party To Go kit, check out our flyer.

Check out our Scattered party video below which has photos of some of our more popular themes!