The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

The Goose Girl Book Summary“The Goose Girl” Book Summary
Author: Shannon Hale


Book Summary:

Shannon Hale’s magical take on the classic Brother’s Grimm tale is filled with an action, adventure, and new friends throughout the entire journey. Secluded with her aunt in the palace of Kildenree, the Crown Princess Ani fosters her talent of speaking with animals. But, when it comes time to travel far to be married to her betrothed from the foreign kingdom Bayern, trouble finds Ani. Forced into hiding by a backstabbing lady in waiting, Ani takes up the guise of a goose girl to protect herself. In disguise, Ani meets new friends and gets to know the kingdom of Bayern even better as a grounded girl of the people as opposed to lofty royalty. Throughout her journey, Ani finds out more about her future kingdom and who she is as a friend and a future ruler. Ani’s story is one of fun and adventure, but also discovery of one’s self and purpose.

Audience Reader:  Kids grades 5-7 who are interested in fairy tales, fantasy and royalty.


Questions to consider for your Summer reading reports:

1- Read a quick summary of the original Brother’s Grimm story of the Goose Girl. Where does Hale diverge from the original story and where does she stay true? Why do you think she made these choices?


2- Consider Ani’s development as a character. What events in the book cased a change in her traits, and how will these changes help to make her a better ruler?


3- Think about the relationship between Ani and Geric. How do you think their relationship would have been different if they both hadn’t met when in disguise? Was their meeting under false pretenses possibly for the better?


4- The next books in the series deal with characters that Ani met through her journey such as Enna, Finn and Razo. Think about what role each character played in Ani’s adventure and try to sum it up in one word or phrase. What would you like to see from them in the next books?


Reviewed by Penny