Scattered Books Book Fairs

Let Scattered Books make your school book fair amazing


Ready for a great book fair that also supports local business?

We talk to your team about the curriculum, general preferences and details about the school and ages attending the book fair. We then provide an excel sheet of all the titles we recommend, along with any of your teachers or librarian recommendations. Prior to the book fair, we order all the books and sidelines, deliver to the school, set up the space including fun signage, along with instructions for special orders which will also count towards the % of profits going back to the school.  Special orders are delivered to the store or to the student’s home free of charge. All items are provided in an excel or csv file to put into your POS system or the Scattered Staff be there to handle all checkout. We even bring the bags, free bookmarks,  branded with your school information on one side.


Why Scattered Books?

We create a cultivated list of books across genres and from multiple publishers. This brings your students an array of titles. Genres we include are chapter books by age (action, magic, coming of age, funny, etc…), graphic novels, optional breakout sections for STEM, mythology, space, HERstory, cats & dogs, fun & games, “bookstore bunny” recommended and more! Our sidelines are journals, art supplies/kits, pens, pencils, paint by sticker and puzzles, not plush or plastic items.  We also have a great table of books signed but he author, which makes any book more special. We create genre signs in the colors of your school and supply shelf talkers.


Special orders

Students and staff can easily place special orders for particular books or gift baskets. These will all count towards the % of profits going back to your school. Plus a great way for staff to take care of their own shopping with everything delivered right back to the school or their home.


But there’s more…

We create visually fun social media assets, including specialty images such as:

“Don’t love reading? Try these…”

“LOL: Humor picks”

“If you like Harry Potter & magic…”

“Action & Adventure”

“Colorful and Creative”


Bonus Books

For every 50 books sold we will donate a book to your school AND one to a local charity organization

Please let us know how we can create the best book fair ever: or (914) 529-8013.