GolightlyInk Cards

Collection of Bunny Greeting Cards

Name: GolightlyInk Cards
Collection: Bookstore Bunnies
Photographer: Holly Cohen
Reviewer: Bookstore Bunny Pumpkin


Speaking as one of more refined buns, I adore these photography cards. They are sweet, unique, balanced and, of course, feature yours truly. Oh yes, my friends Moo, Acorn and Meatball star in some too. We had a blast with photographer Holly during the photo shoot and love how the cards came out. There are color and black & white options, as well as some with kids books as the background and others with adult books (those shelves were honestly a little hard to balance on but we prevailed and got celery as a reward). GolightlyInk cards are perfect for any baby gift, birthday or adult gift. Bunnies and books are all occasion! Some are playful and some are pensive. But they capture our hoppy spirit. Cards are sold at our home, Scattered Books, and also by the amazing GolightlyInk Card on Etsy. So hop to it! #bringcelery


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