The Legend of Lop-Eared Larry

Lop Eared Larry BookTitle: The Legend of Lop-Eared Larry
Author: Hester Applebee
Illustrator: Brittany David
Reviewer: Bookstore Bunny Acorn


Since I am the original lop-eared bookstore bunny of Scattered Books, I couldn’t wait to read “Lop-Eared Larry.” The main character is completely endearing as he flops around trying to find his way in the world with big floppy ears, much like my own life. While Larry may not have much luck with certain things, like hide and seek, Larry sure knows how to perform when it counts. Who knew floppy ears can actually help you hide? Well, I did because I hide a lot at the bookstore, but now everyone who reads this book will understand that something that might make you different can make you very special. In fact, maybe even a bunny who can save the day. It turns out lop ears like mine are amazing. Knew it!