The Bunny Rabbit Show

The Bunny Rabbit Show BookName: The Bunny Rabbit Show
Author/Illustrator: Sandra Boynton
Reviewer: Bookstore Bunny Meatball


Bookstore Bunnies Acorn, Moo and I had never thought of doing a bunny rabbit show until now. The ten terrific rabbits of the book put on a performance of a lifetime. As a bunny who isn’t musically inclined, I was impressed with the singing and dancing. I quickly became envious of the ten terrific rabbits. As much as I love to live at Scattered Books, maybe it is time to move onto grander things? Rallying Acorn and Moo, we attempted the final act, the bunny tree. As they hoisted me onto the top of the pyramid I felt sheer glee and disbelief, before they promptly dropped me. It is clear that the acts of The Bunny Rabbit Show are best left to the ten terrific rabbits, rather than the book store bunnies.