Unique Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Favors

…literally, from Scattered Books


Our Mitzvah favors cater to every price range, every theme and are wrapped to be perfectly presentable. We pair together a great combo of books, journals, fancy pencils with traditional accessories of blankets, fuzzy pants, water bottles, sports balls, socks & more. We offer great party favor packaging, from a simple raffia wrap to a metal bucket or vintage basket.


Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah can be a challenge. Parents report it being harder than a wedding, packed with emotion, pride and trying to piece together something true to Judaism but also appealing to your tween who wants a great party.  Somehow parents need to set aside their combo of dread and pride that their babies will be chanting words that have been uttered for hundreds of years, part adult and part child, at least long enough to plan the thing.  Let us help you take one thing off your list, party favors!!


Like everything else, the details make the memory. Oh, the details. And what do we hear kids shrieking as they leave the celebration? It’s not, “Thank goodness the valet parking worked out.” It’s, “Where are the socks!?” and “OMG look at these party favors! Sooooo cute!” Yes, the Bar and Bat Mitzvah party favor is literally what the guests take away and what will appear in countless future selfies. So how do parents create something unique & cool but not too outrageous and superficial?


Bar Mitzvah Favors & Bat Mitzvah favors from Scattered Books!

Sapmles of Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Favors


Ready to say goodbye to the same printed sweatshirt? Scattered Books creates clever custom Bar and Bat Mitzvah favors for your celebration, offers free shipping and gives $2/favor back to your Temple or the charity of your choice.


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Don’t forget the socks!