Scattered Slime Making Bar

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Kids gathered around the Scattered Slime bar making slime

Have a slime bar at your event or party, complete with slime, toppings, and containers for kids to keep their slime creations. It’s like Chipotle with slime! Kids choose from clear or butter slime, then glitter, soft clay, confetti, clay slices, sprinkles, beads, and charms, big and small. They mix and squish it all together, then take it home in a small container. All slime is pre-activated, so kids get all the fun of adding in lots of stuff without mixing liquids

Ingredients for kids slime provided with slime bar

Slime Bar Options:

  • Colorful mix of all types of add-ins with clear slime
  • Custom theme for your party or event
  • Ice cream bar style (butter slime served with ice cream scoops into dessert cups)
  • School colors
  • All pastel or all primary colors
Pricing depends on the approximate number of kids. Please feel free to contact us with specific inquiries.
  • $500 Up to 50 participants
  • $800 51-100 participants
  • $1200 101-200 participants
  • $1600 201-300 participants
  • $1800 301-400 participants
  • $2000 401-500 participants
Slime bar image with Scattered Slime Bar sign