Historical Fiction

The Septembers of Shiraz

by Dalia Sofer Historical Fiction In the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution, Isaac is wrongly accused of being a spy, taken and jailed. His family doesn’t know where he is and their terror increases as his wife searches for him as he attempts to survive in prison. Sofer’s debut novel...

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by Pete Hamill If you could live forever but never leave the island of Manhattan, would you? Hamill - a prolific writer who is known for his journalism and editorial work, gives us the poignant and gripping story of Cormac O’Connor who can live forever – on an island. From...

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The Women in the Castle

by Jessica Shattuck This beautifully written book examines World War II and the Holocaust in a way that has rarely been seen before: from the point of view of German women. The realization of what is going on in their country and the world, and what...

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